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Star Trek Beyond 2016 Trailer and Jacket released -Stylo leather

Star Trek Beyond The Upcomming Hollywood Movie is being too famous now a days which is going to release in July 2016 .We have some good points and news for you guys.

Scotty, Bones, Kirk, Spock and Uhura are all back for “Star Trek Beyond,” the third movie in the rebooted science-fiction franchise, and it looks like they’re in for more explosive, comedy-tinged adventures.

This time, though, Justin Lin (the “Fast and Furious” series) is behind the camera calling the shots as J.J. Abrams — who had been busy directing another huge science-fiction franchise film — steps into a producer role. Also, franchise co-starSimon Pegg is on board as a writer for this installment.

It looks like the new series is taking the climactic action off of Earth, too. Set to the Beastie Boys’ mid-1990s hit “Sabotage,” the trailer, which Paramount Pictures released Monday morning, shows the Enterprise crew involved in another potentially cataclysmic mission, only further out into space than in the previous two movies. “Star Trek” fans who love their alien races covered in prosthetic makeup also appear to be in luck.

“Star Trek Beyond” is due to open in theaters July 22.

The Fans of Star Trek Beyond and Previous Star Trek are Curiously waiting for the release of the Movie.

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